5 Ways PPC Can Drive More Customers And Improve Your PPC Campaigns

Increasing traffic from your PPC campaigns is EASY in fact in a few clicks you can get unlimited traffic as long as you got the $$$ to pay for it, in reality the most common KPI’s is Leads/Customers also known as CPA (cost per acquisition).

Getting more customers or make your customers more loyal and improve their value is challenging here are a few techniques that can help you achieve that.

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Don’t waste your money

No matter what is your budget or your company wealth always behave like you have a small budget, this is a very recommended point of view that you should adopt in your day-to-day work. Define a clear threshold for testing your KPI’s and stick to it, for example:

Let’s say your KPI’s are $250 for real active client and you’re running on the keyword ‘buy tennis shoes’ you should decide on threshold that will help you to make decisions for each keyword.

Let’s say you think that after 100 clicks you should be able to decide if you keep on running or pausing that keyword that’s okay just make sure your targets are clear and follow them.

Test Your Offering

You’ll be surprised but most of the advertisers are not testing their offering. Testing your offering is one of the best things you can do for your campaign you should have the best offer that will get you the best conversions rates for each product or product category.

Use different combinations of text ads + landing page with the same offering and test between the versions to find your winning combination, I recommend to use Google Optimize for this.

Site Health Check

I’m not sure why but people seem to underestimate this, performing a site health check is one of the most important things you can do and it should be done on a bi-weekly basis. How to test it:

  1. Use a proxy service such as Geosurf to simulate your campaign targeted location
  2. Search for your ad, once found make sure it displays correctly with the relevant text and site links.
  3. Click on the text ad – Yes, I know it might cost you a few $$$ but it’s worth it
  4. Once the landing page is loaded signup or make a deposit (or both)
  5. Test to see everything is working by verifying you are seeing the right stats both in Google Ads and your internal CRM

Competitors Research

Always make sure you know what your competitors are doing, depends on your campaign structure but I guess it won’t be possible to track all keywords so select the top spenders and see exactly what your competitors are doing, make sure to pay attention to:

  1. What they are writing in their ads
  2. What offer they are have
  3. What kind of site links they are using
  4. Are they performing A/B testing? If yes, what they are testing.
  5. What landing page they are using and how it’s different from yours?

There are many tools out there to test this, you can use: SEMRUSH or Ahrefs.


What ever performs well for you in a specific location won’t necessary work in another location. Don’t just translate your marketing materials to different languages perform research to see exactly what’s working in each one of the countries, the same message in the United Kingdom won’t necessary will work in California and even the design most likely should be different.

Make sure you know what works and what your audience are looking for on each one of your targeted location and give them what they want.

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