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4 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Conversion rates are one of the most important KPI’s for any online marketing campaign. Yes, without getting traffic to your website you won’t get any new clients but what if you could get X3 more clients following the strategies below?

How to track your conversions?

If you want to improve your conversion rates you first need to track your conversions, most marketers aren’t tacking their conversions effectively. To understand how to track your conversion and why you should do it let’s get started with Google Ads conversion tracking.

There are different ways to track your conversion in Google Ads:

You can track it by:

  1. Website
  2. APP
  3. Phone Calls
  4. Import

Different ways to track your conversion in Google Ads

In each one of the tracking option you can track different things:

Website Tracking

  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Page View
  • Sign-up
  • Other


You can track you APP conversion using:

  • Firebase
  • Google Play
  • Third-party app analytics

Phone Calls

  • Track Calls from ads
  • Calls to a specific phone numbs
  • Clicks on your number on your mobile site


You can import conversions from another source into Google ads, using:

  • Google Analytics
  • Firebase
  • Third-party app analytics
  • Salesforce
  • Other data sources or CRMs

Once the conversion tracking is setup correctly you will be able to see your conversions by source and category, since you are using Google Ads conversion you will see the conversions in all campaign level including:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Keyword
  • Search Term
  • Ads

In case you looking for a conversion tracking solution that can be used not only for Google Ads use Google Analytics to goals track your conversions it is not complicated and you can do it easily by following Google Analytics help site or seeing this video:

Okay so now when you able to track you conversions, lets move forward.

#1 – Keep conversion elements above the fold.

Naturally every landing page use many different objects, your main goal should be to grab user attention and convince him to perform the action you aiming for.

Few examples:

When searching for flights to New York, I’m referred to the  Virgin Atlantic landing landing page. You can clearly see that there are two main elements above the fold:

  1. Clear and relevant header
  2. Bold CTA

Virgin Atlantic Landing Page Example


for the keyword [Madonna tickets] I checked SeatGeek landing page. They decide to highlight the trust elements with 3 strong points:

  1. Millions of Customers Served
  2. 100% Guaranteed
  3. Low Fees & Transparent Price

Next one goes to Merchbar I’ve come across this page when I search for [buy rock t shirt] they decide to highlight the fact that they have more shirts for more than 25,000 artists which sounds good, also I can use the search box below to search for my favorite artists t-shirts

Merchbar landing page example for converting search box

# 2 – Show Stock Numbers

If you can add the number of remaining stock with your product name, for example:

  • ONLY 3 Left – Buy Now
  • Hurray Up! Only 3 Left
  • Buy Now, While Supply Last

Amazon using this method for years now, see the examples below.

Example of amazon using stock marketing

Example of amazon using stock marketing

#3 – Use Testimonials

You must have satisfied customers right? I’m sure they will be willing to write a positive testimonials, especially if you will offer them a discount or free gift for their next order.

Best method to get real testimonials is to contact happy customer, try to look for customers who buy often this are most likely people who happy with your product and services.

A good testemonials example
Looks authentic with real name and picture.


#4 – Use Trust Elements

When you have a secret and you want to share it with your friend you choosing a friend you trust right? Now, think why you trust him he probably a quiet guy, he knows how to keep a secret, he don’t like to gossip…

Now, what’s is the common ground to all this points? You most likely guess correctly they are all trust element, now if you want people to buy your product you should give them a reason to trust you, here are a few examples:

Amazon use a '24/7 Support' as a trust element.
Amazon use a ’24/7 Support’ as a trust element.
Ebay shows their visitors their purchases are fully protected.
Ebay shows their visitors their purchases are fully protected.



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