Remarketing 101

Remarketing 101

Remarketing has been a popular subject in the online marketing industry for quite some time. It has the power to encourage existing clients and leads to engage with your brands and convert new visitors into clients. Remarketing might sound easy; you put a pixel on your site and create a list of visitors to retarget who satisfy a certain list of requirements. In reality, it’s not that simple. Remarketing can be one of the best marketing channels but to be successful, you need to have a detailed strategy that considers a number of factors.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a tactic to show ads to people who have already visited your website and engaged with your product.

Remarketing Targeting Options

There are many combinations of lists you can create in Google ads . You can use Google analytics to define any list you wish to target based on a predefined or new segmentation.

The most popular targeting method is:

  1. Targeting users by the page they visit
  2. Targeting visitors by their behavior on site
  3. Targeting existing customers or leads using a predefined list of actual customers.


Each method has its own benefits. You should select relevant targeting that will help you reach your targets depending on the KPIs that are most valuable to your business.

Targeting visitors by page

The idea here is to define audiences lists based on user behavior. E.g. Users with time on-site greater than five minutes will get a higher bid compared to users with a lower amount. Why? Because a user who spends more time on your site will be more engaged and valuable.

Targeting existing clients

Using your CRM and client details, you can export and upload to Google Ads  a list of emails that will be used to target people already on your list.

You have two sub-campaigns to choose from:

  • B2C – Create a list of people who registered but didn’t deposit to retarget and offer them an incentive to complete their first

  • Retention – Target real clients with relevant offerings to increase their value. E.g. If you own an online shoe store, you can create a list of people who bought Nike shoes in the last 90 days and give them a 25% discount on all Nike shoes.

Setup Audiences List

Setting up an audiences list is easy and can be done through Google analytics.
To set up a remarketing list, go to  Tools > Audiences Manager > Audiences sources 

And set up or link audience sources to unlock.

Tools > Audience Manager > Audience Sources.

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