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TOP Reasons Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Working


There are many reasons why your Google Ads aren’t working if you have a bad experience using Google Ads don’t give up.  Let’s cover some common offenders.

Broad match type

If not used right broad keywords can really ruin your account performance. Make sure you’re using broad match only on intent and related keyword and avoid using a one-word broad match keywords.

Broad match type
Best Practice:

    • Don’t use single broad keywords
    • Make sure you’re using relevant negative keywords
    • Keep on monitoring and adding or excluding keywords from search term report
    • Use negative keywords as much as you can to avoid none related traffic

Negative Keyword Lists

This is one of the most important features in Google Ads not using negative keywords list is a big mistake.

Best Practice:

    • Use multiple lists based to cover all available options for example: ‘free keywords’, ‘competitors’, ‘education’, etc…
    • Avoid using broad match negative keyword to prevent blocking good keywords instead use exact or if it’s really needed phrase

Exact to BMM negative List

If you’re running the same keyword in broad and exact match type under the same account make sure you exclude the exact match type from the broad campaign. For example, if you have ‘tennis shoes’ and [tennis shoes] make sure you’re adding the exact match as a negative for the phrase campaigns.

Exact to BMM
Best Practice:

    • Create a negative list for exact match type keywords and add it by campaign level to broad match types campaigns.

Device Bid Adjustment

It’s very common to have different results on each device, in fact, this is usually how it works, you need to make sure you optimize your campaigns by device and adjust the bids according to campaign performance.

DevicesBest Practice:

    • Usually, you will find out that you have one device that works best for you and one that performs terrible if you have enough stats to determine adjust bids on all campaigns including new campaigns.

Poor experience

Before running to conclusions… did you really checked user experience? If not, use a VPN and simulate exactly how users find you what ad they are seeing and what happens after they click make sure to follow all steps and find weak points. You will be surprised on what you might found.

Best Practice:
Fresh eyes are always best in these cases to ask one of your team members/colleges to perform this test for you and come up with a list of things that needs to be improved.

Poor Customer Experience

Irrelevant Ads

Your ad is not really relevant to the user who searches for this search term? Did you really saw what your competitors are writing and offering in their ad? Don’t just write generic ads make sure you’re reviewing and making sure your ad is relevant and offer value
Google text ad exampleBest Practice
Create an Excel divided by categories relevant for your business on each category write at least 2 incentive that you can promote and used to improve your ads.

Low-quality score

Never underestimate quality score it can be the main reason why your campaign didn’t perform well, the quality score will most likely lead to high CPC and low impression share that means that you won’t be visible to all searches and for the ones you will be you will be high CPC’s.


Quality ScoreBest Practice

Use Google ads reports to come up with a list of all keywords sorted by quality score for the low-quality score keywords start with relevant ad and good campaign structure.

Poor coverage

Sometimes you just not targeting the right keywords. It depends on your product but usually, each industry has its performing and none performing categories. Make sure you cover everything and trying to find these sweet spots they are usually located in high intent keywords such as ‘buy now’ or ‘product review’.

Poor CoverageBest Practice

    • Use competitors research tools such as SEMRUSH and Ahrefs
    • Come up with different keyword combinations that you think will work and build a campaign around it. For example, if you selling tennis shoes you might want to cover a combination of ‘buy tennis shoes’ or ‘order tennis shoes’ since these keywords will most likely convert.

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