Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Guide


Digital marketing evolves and becomes more complicated every day. Learn to leverage your existing performance or create digital marketing strategy that will bring value to your potential customers and improve your digital marketing performance.

I created this guide to give you the basic fundamentals of digital marketing. This is not the most comprehensive guide. I wanted it to be easy, simple and short. This guide should give you the fundamentals to any digital marketing campaign.

“Try not to become

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5 Ways PPC Can Drive More Customers And Improve Your PPC Campaigns

Increasing traffic from your PPC campaigns is EASY in fact in a few clicks you can get unlimited traffic as long as you got the $$$ to pay for it, in reality the most common KPI’s is Leads/Customers also known as CPA (cost per acquisition).

Getting more customers or make your customers more loyal and improve their value is challenging here are a few techniques that can help you achieve that.

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Secrets to NEGATIVE KEYWORDS – It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Table Football Game

People who know me knows that I like heavy metal music .  Now, you probably asking yourself how it’s related to negative keywords in Google ads? Well, heavy metal is aggressive and sophisticate and this is how you should work with negatives keyword be aggressive don’t let them hurt your performance but at the same time be smart and sophisticate don’t just add negative keywords.

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After, reading my negative keywords

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